Qualios is a group of companies, established and run by industry professionals to
meet the increasing demand for high level quality services, products and

By employing the skills and expertise developed and gained by its highly qualified
personnel over the years and through timely synchronization of the operations of
its group of companies, partners and affiliates, Qualios offers its portfolio to
major industries including:
The Commitment

Whilst committed to the delivery of excellence through state of the art products,
services and integrated solutions, Qualios emphasizes strong ethical values
among its staff and in business practices. We are single-minded in our pursuit of
our Clients' complete satisfaction.
Why Choose Us

Qualios became a pioneer in offering an extensive portfolio of services and
products such as the introduction, development, consultancy, engineering, design
and execution of various projects in Telecommunication, Network connectivity,
Infrastructure Civil Works & Buildings projects. We built networks from inception
which successfully operated and contributed to the attainment of other networks in
Lebanon, Morocco, Liberia, Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, UAE, Sudan and Qatar.

Qualios specializes as well in the field of integrated security solution management,
smart building solutions and energy efficiency management, design, deployment,
support, managed services and the maintenance thereof. To provide our Clients
with the latest end-to-end security and communication technological solutions to
boost their business and operation support systems, Qualios has partnered with
Ericsson, Airspan, Gallagher, Garrett, Bosch, Honeywell, Voti, Distech and many
other leading vendors.
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What We Do

By bringing in projects on schedule, on budget and with superior quality, we help
our clients increase their market share and profitability and decrease their cost of
ownership. Qualios has built sustained relationships with Clients and has helped
build networks, integrate systems and implement projects from inception to
successful operation.

Qualios recognises the importance of close control and can call on specialists to
address any aspect of a project and is structured to develop, engineer, procure and
construct complex projects on a turnkey basis as well as tailor made solutions
including but not limited to:
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We are your local partners with global reach and our professional edge is derived
from the achievements that speak of their success stories in today’s competitive
markets. Please click below to contact us anytime, we look forward to hearing from
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In Focus
Construction & Infrastructure Contracting - Civil & Electromechanical

Flexible, Modular, Multi-service, Outdoor, Indoor
& Wifi Communication
Networks, Design, Deploy, Support, Optimization, Managed Services

Turnkey ICT Infrastructure, Backbone & Transmission, Wireless, Cable,
Fiber Optic (OSP/ISP/FTTH) and Structured Cabling Deployment

Wireless Broadband, SCADA, Mission Critical Communication Systems,
IP Telephony, Intercom, Data, Audio Visual & Public Address Systems

Geospatial Location, Mobility
, Tracking and Dispatch, RFID Solutions,
Parking Management & Guidance Systems

Integrated Security Management, Situational Awareness, Public Safety,
Smart City, Command & Control Data Centers, Intelligent Traffic Systems

Ericsson's Airport LTE, Enterprise Cloud Billing, SDN
, NFV, IoT

High Speed CCTV with
sync 2way Audio, Imaging, Video Badge, Vehicle
Cameras, Plate & Biometric Recognition, Intelligent Video Analytics 

X-Ray 3D Scanners, Walk Through, Hand-held Metal Detectors, Explosive
and Counter-Bomb Detectors and Personal Screening / Body Scanners

Perimeter Solutions with Electric Security Fence Safety, Seismic Vibration
Sensors, Blockers, Bollards, Barriers, Over & Under Vehicle Screening

Access Control Integrated with Surveillance, Attendance, Intruder &
Duress Alarms, DNA Incorporating Fog & Smoke Security Solutions

Hotels Solutions, Smart Home & Office Automation, HVAC, Lighting
Control and Facility Booking / Building Management Systems (BMS)

Workforce Safety, Defense Protection Systems, Bulletproof Glasses Films
Fire Detection & Alarms, Fire Suppression Systems

Power Generation, Electricity Distribution Networks
and Smart Metering
Smart Energy Saving, Water Systems and Green Technologies        
Construction & Infrastructure


Government, Municipality & Public Safety

Defense & High-level Security

Law Enforcement, Fire & Emergency Response

Corrections & Detention Centers

Airports and Maritime ports

Transport & Logistics


Mining, Oil & Gas

Commercial & Manufacturing

Banking & Finance


Health Care

Hotels, Multi-tenanted Buildings & Compounds

Entertainment & Events